DNA testing is available through Central Medical Laboratories in conjunction with a reputable Reference Laboratory – LabCorp. Paternity, Maternity and family studies (for deceased relatives) tests are available at affordable pricing at our convenient locations.

CML uses the painless Buccal swab method in identity testing. Unlike tubes of blood that all look alike, these color-coded swabs help to prevent specimen switches by the collector.

Color-coded name labels enable the specimen collector to quickly identify whose sample the technician is labeling and handling. In the laboratory, the color-coded swabs also help the technicians identify which specimen the technician is processing for testing.

Why Use The Buccal Swab Method?

Ease: Drawing blood (phlebotomy) is invasive, may cause discomfort and may also be difficult to perform on small children or infants. With buccal swabs, problems associated with blood drawing do not exist. Newborns are easily tested, as there are no age or physical limitations to prevent successful specimen collection.

International acceptance: The results reported using buccal swabs are accepted by the State Department of most countries. In addition, the samples are not time sensitive; therefore, there are no immediate problems with customs.

Better Testing: At CMLs reference lab, Labcorp the buccal swabs are evaluated using the advance, Nobel Prize winning technology of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) rather than RFLP technology. With PCR, there is a simplification of the testing, increased speed of analysis and reduction of statistical uncertainties. When repeated, PCR methodology provides almost 100% reproducibility where RFLP results will almost always change. With PCR, LabCorp an average probability of exclusion well over 99%. Each completed case has a probability of paternity greater than 99% or multiple exclusion.

Better Quality Control: On receiving the specimen, two of the four color-coded buccal swabs collected are each routinely tested at independent times. This duplicate independent testing helps to detect any sample switches, providing the customer with a high confidence level in CMLs / LabCorp’s testing.

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