Based on several factors your doctor may feel it necessary to place you in hospital for observation, care or surgery. Some part of this care or treatment may involve the services of the laboratory – e.g. Cross matching for possible blood transfusion, regular monitoring of your blood system for changes, or testing of tissue removed in surgical procedures.

Cross matching blood for transfusion will mean that donors must be provided to replace the supply. There is a charge which is to cover the cost of reagents and material used in providing the blood for transfusion and not for the actual blood. The charges for service provided to you in hospital by the lab are not included in your hospital bill, and must be paid directly to the lab.

Emergency: As your doctor monitors your condition there will be times when tests have to be done immediately to give him an idea of how you are progressing. These tests can be ordered at anytime of the day or night. When these tests are ordered outside of the regular opening hours of the lab an Emergency Fee will be charged. Therefore all work done at the request of your doctor – after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays after 12 noon on Saturdays and anytime on a Sunday or Public Holiday is considered an emergency. The tests are done immediately and the results passed on to the doctor as soon as they are ready.