We accept all local health insurances, each one however has different rules for accepting claims, some of these are detailed below:-

Your Health Insurance Card Must Be Presented At All Times. (We will not accept the numbers or photocopies of the cards. The card cannot be used by persons not registered on the card. Most cards require the patient to pay a portion of the charges directly to the provider (lab). Many companies do not pay for any tests related to pregnancy or infertility or for pap smears. (You may be required to pay for these tests and then submit claims to the insurance company). If the charges exceed the allowance for a particular service, the amount for lab is usually designated on the card. You will be required to pay the difference. A receipt will not be given except in exchange for a cash payment. Health insurance claims recorded by us are submitted directly to the Insurance company and payment forwarded by them to us. No receipt would be given in such case.

Please check with your health insurance company for a schedule of their benefits and exclusions as this will help you in managing your benefits to the maximum.