There are many different tests which can be done on any of the body fluids mentioned above. Some of these tests have to be done under special conditions.

A test for blood sugar may require any of the following procedures to be observed:-

  • (FBS) – Fasting Sugar – The patient should not have had anything to eat or drink for a 12-14 hour period preferably overnight. Longer periods of fasting can affect the results.
  • (2hr PP) – 2 hour Post Prandial Sugar – This specimen is taken 2 hours after a regular meal (breakfast or lunch) or after a glucose drink. This specimen must be taken exactly on time or not more than 10 minutes after the 2 hours. If you have not eaten when you go to the Lab you may be asked to go and have something to eat, carefully noting the time you finished and returning before the 2 hours have elapsed.
  • (GIT) – Glucose Tolerance Test – This test can last 3-5 hours (i.e. you would have to spend 3-5 hours in our office.) For this reason it is necessary to make an appointment for this test. To start this test you must be fasting (i.e. nothing to eat for 12-14 hours). Specimens are taken at timed intervals for the next 3-5 hours after glucose drink has been given.

There are a number of things than can affect a test, so information may be required from you that may seem personal or irrelevant but which is very important to the technologist working on your specimens. With the different collection procedures and testing times related to each test, each test has to be priced differently.

NOTE: One specimen (blood, urine, etc) is not equivalent to one test, as several tests can be done on one sample.