Central Medical Laboratories Limited accepts most of the major health insurance schemes including the following:

Blue Cross of Jamaica – now Sagicor (2008)
Appliance Traders Limited – Hillman Holdings
Courts Jamaica Ltd.
Serge Island Dairies
Couples Ocho Rios
MedeCus Health (June 2005)


Pregnancy tests & related tests – Prenatal panels, Coombs tests, etc. All tests related to pregnancy can be excluded by the Health Insurance company. Where a patient is obviously pregnant but the diagnosis does not include pregnancy the patient should be asked to pay and claim back from the insurance company. (Reason – There is a specific allotment for expenses related to the total period of pregnancy and our claim can be rejected even on the family plan if this amount is exceeded). The Individual Plan does not cover tests for pregnancy.

Infertility Testing – Tests such as Pituitary Gonadalaxis, Semenanalysis and other hormone assays for infertility will not be paid by the Health Insurance companies. The full payments must be made for these tests.

Hormone Assay (Special Tests) – some of these are not paid for by the Insuance companies, particularly Blue Cross. Please consult the Accounts Department for those hormone tests that will be paid for.

Pap Smears – The insurance companies will only pay in specific circumstances and will require medical details from the patients physician. The patient should therefore pay for the pap smear and claim back from the insurance company. LOJ-Shape will however pay for Pap Smear requests from Cable & Wireless patients.

Executive Profiles – Most companies will not pay for this without a suitable diagnosis (not routine). If we accept we must detail all the tests on the claim form.

Routine Checks will not be paid for by the insurance companies