Providing quality-personalized service is vital for building and maintaining customer relationships. Here at CML we pride ourselves in employing the best individuals to maintain our respected image. We know that taking tests can sometimes be a bit scary, but we want to ensure your peace of mind. Our dedicated customer support team can service any issues that may arise.

The lab technician will request the physician’s written authorization to perform a lab test. In addition, you will be requested to provide billing information. The lab technician will then determine the type of specimen needed.

Often, a blood collection is necessary. Our highly trained lab technicians will complete the process as quickly as possible. Some brief, mild discomfort may be experienced when the sterile needle is inserted into the vein. Generally, the actual blood collection can be completed within one minute.

The lab technician will then label the specimens and send them to the laboratory. The results of routine laboratory testing will generally be reported to your physician within one or two days. More complex testing may require additional time.

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