The management team at CML is headed by our Managing Director, Miss Audrey Clarke, (trained in Business Management), and our Laboratory Director, Miss Coleen Sinclair (Diploma in Medical Technology, degree in Health Services Administration), and Dr. Rochelle Roman, Medical Director are part of our qualified team of professionals along with Specialist Medical Consultants in areas of Haematology and Microbiology.

Other professionals in our team include:

Managing DirectorMiss Audrey Clarke, EMBA (FIU), B. Sc. (Mgmt.)(876) 920-7861
Medical DirectorDr. Rochelle Roman, MB, BS, DM-Haem(876) 754-6199 to 6202
Laboratory DirectorMrs. Coleen Sinclair-Mattis, BHSc, DMT(876) 754-6199 to 6202
Customer Service ManagerMr. Donald Hinds(876) 960-4319 / (876) 919-0328
Quality ManagerMrs. Dainia Braithwaite, DMT(876) 754-6199 to 6202
North Coast Area ManagerMrs.Caroline Lee, CMT(876) 974-2614 / (876) 974-5570